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Leaders Lounge is a culture.  Our guests share values of holding excellence, fairness, and a desire to help one another effectively, as a set of forces that keep them and the people around them successful. These traits intersect with Leaders Lounge based on our drive and immediacy to help improve industrial culture as a system by helping operators of enterprise to continuously: 

  • Understand people and always seize the future of engagement to bring out the best quality of life through work and as the consumer
  • Future-proof the organization through technology producing safe and savvy environments
  • Heighten standards and methods of communication to drive a perfect flow of information and decision-making 
  • Ensure standards of service are always fair and extraordinary to every customer, inside and out

Who do we host? SVP to C-Level executives with mid-large scale enterprises 

Who we are? Inside, we are producers of innovation strategy and human capital programs whose mission is to help improve organizational culture, processes, standards, and technology. Our internal focus is on consistent standards of preparation and execution that have guests start each session with the network and knowledge capital that they would finish others in

Your first guest experience - All guests being attracted by word-of-mouth ensures your experience is well insulated and trustworthy, in an environment where you can discuss exactly what's needed with the most appropriate professionals that want what you want, and act as you act!

Interaction with Leaders Lounge is a continuous effort in supporting your knowledge and network needs. 

Achieve well, together!

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...let your peers tell you:

Marc Reuss, CHRO | Excelitas Technologies:  “I had the privilege to attend two Leaders Lounge programs in the past year.  As a CHRO I get an invitation a day to attend various conferences across a broad spectrum of topics.  I choose to go to the Leader Lounge programs because the format is novel, the quality of guests and presenters, and the relaxed and interactive nature of the sessions.  It’s also helpful that you are not overwhelmed with the number of presenters and being ‘sold’ continuously by consultancies.  I think Shomik and the team put a lot of thought into the agenda and line up the best presenters. I look forward to many more” 

Benoit Massal, Head of People | Sanofi:   "I attended two Leaders Lounge programs this year and have found the quality of exchanges, both with the speakers and panels, as well as guests, to be extremely rich and relevant, sometimes directly applicable, to the challenges and opportunities Sanofi and its HR Function experience" 

Joe Ilvento, Chief Learning Officer | Commvault:  “Leaders Lounge is an intimate, professionally produced program where you get to see, hear and meet industry experts share their best practices. If you are looking for place to network and hear from people that have been there and done it – this is it. No fluff, no filler – just a day full of information you can immediately apply.”

Angela Schwers, SVP HR | Pearson:   "It was a day filled with interesting content, and the opportunity to meet some really smart and successful human resource professionals...a wide range of thought-provoking material...I also thought the venue was terrific"

Brenda Maier, SVP Talent Operations | Publicis Health:  “This was my first time attending a Leaders Lounge program and I can say it was very valuable. It was great to hear the panel discuss topics that are relatable to our practice today. Great conversations and gained insightful advise! Looking forward to the next one.” 

Arun Chidambaram, Global Head, Talent Analytics | Pfizer:  "I wanted to thank you for the hospitality and for putting up a good show... Looking forward to our partnership and thanks again"

Rebecca Port, Head of HR, Europe & Americas | Standard Chartered :
"Thank you for organising such a wonderful program – really enjoyed yesterday – interesting talks and great people"

Josh Wright, Chief Economist | iCIMS:  “Leaders Lounge brings high-quality leaders together for a stimulating discussion of many top-of-mind topics. The well-designed format and informal atmosphere helps guests to connect and speak openly. Meeting great people and discussing big ideas – that’s what this is all about.” 

Evelyn Orr, COO | Korn Ferry Institute:  “Leaders Lounge offers thought-provoking conversations among peers who are seeking to evolve to meet new challenges and have an impact.” 

Marjorie Spitz Rento, Principal, | Balance Integration:  "I have attended two Leaders Lounge programs and they really rise to the top of any other HR related ones I’ve experienced. Both times felt less like a conference and more like a group of friends exchanging ideas in an intimate setting. Uniquely, there was an openness to share, collaborate and problem solve. I find it a safe space to be vulnerable and real. Over lunch we all commented on how different it feels than a typical HR conference and the high quality of guests. Each time I’ve met peers that have led to strong relationships, and some good laughs as well. I thought it interesting how the speakers and panelists stayed for the whole day, rather than ran out after their part complete. To me that’s the sign of valuable content! "

Jennifer Congdon, CHRO | Watts Water Technologies:  "Leaders Lounge is a great set of programs to bring senior hr executives together in a “safe environment” to learn from each other. The caliber of executives on the panel discussions added depth and a breadth of very diverse businesses trying to solve the same types of challenges.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate"

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